Quality and environment

Committed to quality, safety and respecting the environment.

JCdisseny S.L. pays a lot of attention to the quality of its works, to its employees’ safety and to protecting the environment, guaranteeing its total commitment to the projects that it takes part in.

Quality and Environment

JCdisseny S.L. has an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management Assurance System certificate in compliance with the requirements of the international standards; ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2004 respectively, to carry out the works and services of:

  • Engineering
  • Technical assistence in projects
  • Consultancy
Health and Safety

Moreover, JCdisseny S.L. has a Health and Safety Management System as part of its risk management strategy, certified by the OHSAS 18001 international standard, which covers the following key areas:

  • Identification, evaluation and control of risks associated with each work position
  • Training, awareness and responsibility
  • Operating control
  • Preparation and response in emergency situations
  • Measuring, supervising and improving performance thanks to safer working conditions
  • Compliance with the legislations